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Virtue School Project

Some of the organisms found on CD-disks

Page 1 (2002-2003) Page 2 (new 2004)

Barnacles Bryozoa, Electra Bryozoa, Membranipora_1 Bryozoa, Membranipora_2 Bryozoa, Membranipora_3 Bryozoa_1
Barnacles.jpg Bryozoa, Electra... Bryozoa, Membran... Bryozoa, Membran... Bryozoa, Membran... Bryozoa: Cryptosula pallasiana
Bryozoa_2 Byssus threads from mussel Diatoms_1 Diatoms_2 Diatoms_3 Eggs from snail
Bryozoa: Conopeum reticulum Byssus threads f... Diatoms_1.jpg Diatoms_2.jpg Diatoms_3.jpg Eggs from snail.jpg
Fish eggs Green algae_1 Green algae_2 Harpacticid copepod Hydroid, Laomedea_1 Hydroid, Laomedea_2
Fish eggs.jpg Green algae_1.jpg Green algae_2.jpg Harpacticid cope... Hydroid, Laomede... Hydroid, Laomede...
Hydroid, Laomedea_3 Hydroids Nudibranch_1 Nudibranch_2 Polychaet Polychaet on bryozoans
Hydroid, Laomede... Hydroids.jpg Nudibranch_1.jpg Nudibranch_2.jpg Polychaet.jpg Polychaet on bry...
Polychaet, Pomatoceros_1 Polychaet, Pomatoceros_2 Polyp Polyps_1 Polyps_2 Protist, ciliates
Polychaet, Pomat... Polychaet, Pomat... Polyp.jpg Polyps_1.jpg Polyps_2.jpg Protist, ciliate...
Protist, Folliculina Protist, Spirulina Sea anemone_1 Sea anemone_2 Sea squirt_1 Sea squirt_2
Protist, Follicu... Protist, Spiruli... Sea anemone_1.jpg Sea anemone_2.jpg Sea squirt_1.jpg Sea squirt_2.jpg
Sea squirt_3 Starfishes on a mussel Turbellaria
Sea squirt_3.jpg Starfishes on a ... Turbellaria.jpg