Order: Moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera)

Moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera)
Originator: Siri Skoglund

More than 2000 different species of moths and butterflies have been recorded in Norway. Unfortunantely many are endangered, mostly because of loss of suitable habitats. There are three endemic Norwegian species.

Other names: fivreldar

Norwegian name: Sommerfugler

Confusion species: Trichoptera

Systematics :

KingdomAnimals (Animalia)
Phylum Articulate animals (Arthropoda)
Class  Insects (Insecta)
Order   Moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera)
Group    Butterflies (Rhopalocera)
Group    Macro-moths ("Macro-heterocera")
Group    Micro-moths ("Micro-heterocera")