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Participant:School N 4,Terskyi
Site:Umba, Terskyi (Russia)

Phenological stages

Common nameScientific nameDate of observationPhenological stage
AntFormica2019-05-23First ants on the hill
Arctic TernSterna paradisaea2019-05-19First observation
Bumble-beeBombus2019-05-06First observation
Downy BirchBetula pubescens2019-05-19Leaves unrolling
MosquitoCulicidae2019-05-09First bite
RowanSorbus aucuparia2019-05-20First green leaves
White WagtailMotacilla alba2019-05-13First observation

Ice and snow

First observation ofDate
Fields free from snow2019-04-29
Waters free of ice2019-05-16