Type of activity

  • Fieldwork

Registration of

  • Seasonal changes in nature


  • Notebook
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • GPS

Phenology of the North Calotte is an initiative aimed at stimulating schools to actively take part in nature observations and registrations. Phenology is about observing temporal changes in nature and registering what happens at different seasons. Phenology data contribute to increased ecological knowledge and is also useful when studying climate changes and traditional use of nature resources.

Learning objective

Yearly gather phenological data and understand the relationship between the climate and natural cycles. To contribute to a phenology database for a larger region for use to examine regional as well as temporal differences in phenological events.

The data contributed by participants are available on the results section of this project and can be used for comparisons across years and regions.

Siste registreringer

School N 4,Terskyi (Murmanskaya oblast, Russia) — tirsdag 3. juli

school1 (Murmanskaya oblast, Russia) — tirsdag 26. juni

School N 4,Terskyi (Murmanskaya oblast, Russia) — fredag 22. juni

school1 (Murmanskaya oblast, Russia) — torsdag 21. juni

Kirkenes ungdomsskole (Finnmark, Norway) — onsdag 20. juni

School 8 (Murmanskaya oblast, Russia) — mandag 18. juni

School 8, marina (Murmanskaya oblast, Russia) — mandag 18. juni

school1 (Murmanskaya oblast, Russia) — mandag 18. juni

Children's ecological-biological station (Murmanskaya oblast, Russia) — torsdag 14. juni

Kirkenes ungdomsskole, 8.klasse (Finnmark, Norway) — onsdag 13. juni